Intellectual aspect of art

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      Artist in the human form,  when he is not able to reach the goal of self-realization just gives up at the door of intellect. A human mind decides to present through means and techniques the analysis based on the interaction/experiences of other people, thoughts gathered by study of books and scriptures, thoughts gathered by the own experiences. Hence this aspect of art is also termed as intellectual by means of which an artist attains happiness by presenting his influenced thoughts.

       Human intellect is itself responsible for going through the thick and the thins. When intellect is inspired by soul becomes creative, then artist through the medium of his art gets inspiration for benefit and welfare of mankind. To a certain extent, the artist tries to convert karma generated sorrows of humankind into joy. As this aspect is inspired by gratitude so this aspect can also be referred as ‘thankfulness’.

    According to some indian and western thinkers (like Schopenhauer who were influenced by Indian culture), this world and the worldly life is filled with sufferings. Hence it is natural for a man to experience sorrow in such a life. Due to this sadness, man wants to get rid of the sadness not in the real sense, but to run away from his sorrows in search for happiness, he approaches art. Art lets him stay away from his sorrows for a few moments. And to certain limits he attains success partially in achieving temporal happiness. Hence this aspect of art can also be referred as ‘escapist’ aspect.

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