Emotional aspect of Art

sukhvir sanghal blog

Prof. Sanghal writes in his book "Bhartiya Chitrakala Paddhati" about emotional aspect of art - 

An artist not able to reach the level of full devotion in God, deals with his restless mind, dualistic intellect, quivering heart and with the help of yoga practice or art practice learns focus, creativity and discipline. Therefore, it becomes the duty of an artist to express the wavy emotions of his soul, his mental thoughts and deep emotional thoughts with the aid of his creativity, focus and discipline. As per psychiatrists, if mental thoughts and feelings are not expressed or are suppressed, one can face mental sadness, pain or sometimes it also takes form of a disease, even if externally the person appears to be flourishing and happy. So, an artist keeps trying and stays focused, creative and disciplined to express his feelings and emotions in his own benefit. Through this medium he is able to experience bliss as he is able to set free and enlighten his imprisoned and formless soul. As an artist is able to express in such a way which is why he is considered great and talented as compared to other creations and humans.

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